Days 115 -135

Creating my first website

Portfolio 1

The landing page of an online trading app

Portfolio 1

My first page built with Next JS

Where should I start?

When I started creating my website I asked myself the question why I want to create the site in the first place. What is the general purpose? In order to structure my journey I made myself a to-do list of all things that I want to cover during these days. 

Apart from all the technical aspects you would be amazed how many topics you need to cover to stay conform with laws.

Which framework should I choose?

The basic idea was there, now all that’s missing is a framework with which to start. I decided to use wordpress as a framework which comes equipped with countless of plug-ins which are great to design your site. On the other hand these plug-ins are a security risk for your site which I learned later at the end of my project.

Every website needs a domain so that users can interact with your website. So I went on to buy on the registrar It was rather cheap (2€ / month) considering that the domain is pretty short.


Getting to know a great designing tool

Within the first few days I was prepared to write some HTML or CSS tags along with Javascript but then I found the tool Elementor with which you can design entire websites with a drag and drop approach. 

Web Security, Analytics and a ton of legal requirements

Securing your website by adding Two Factor Authentication, hiding your admin login panel, limit login tries and installing wordfence is key for preventing someone to break into your account. Because WordPress is a popular tool to built websites, it gets more and more attention among the hacker community. 


Talk is cheap... let's practise

After learning to create the most simplest pages on my website I started to challenge myself on recreating other website landing pages to practise a bit. Even the simplest things like placing a text on top of a moving picture can be quite challenging when you start creating websites.

I picked two websites that I wanted to recreate, the google Earth landing page and a famous online broker.

The finishing touch

Smaller widgets can help you with a better user experience. I implemented a small arrow that leads the user back to the top of the page once he scrolled his way through to the bottom.

Content and Marketing

I never really wanted to attract a large audience with my Instagram page or my website but if I wanted to, marketing would play a bigger role in the process. If you want to be seen or build up a brand there is no other way to spread your content on multiple pages and promote yourself on social media. 

To ensure people properly find you on gogle you have to take care of search engine optimization. I mean did you ever went on page 2 or 3 on google? Then you know how important it is to perform well in the google ranking.


Of course it was bound to happen...

Some people waste a considerably amount of time of their life breaking into websites as a hobby and one of these people find his / her way to my website. When I secured my website I thought I did everything to prevent a person from breaking into my site. Unfortunately, I had overlooked a vulnerability, which led to the hacker making several attempts to break in.

So dear hacker, if you read this please make sure to visit because you are still an amateur hacker. 

Smaller steps towards the goal 100%

Personal comment on the project "Creating my own website"

When you build a website yourself, your perspective on visiting a website changes dramatically. You know what data people can get from you and I really respect people’s effort to make something responsive so the website runs smoothly and looks good on  different devices.

Creating a static website like mine doesn’t take 20 days of course but I did all this in my spare time in the evenings. Nevertheless I’m satisfied with the result and I have two more elementor pro licenses left for two more websites so will not be my last website I’ve built.

Technologies used in this project:


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