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Photoshop: Here are all my fake album covers that I've created

This album cover won “Best original album cover 2020” on on the subreddit r/fakealbumcovers

Fake album covers but real art

When I was learning photoshop with the help of the YouTuber Piximperfect I searched for a way to practise my skills. Because I’m a music enthusiast I decided to create fake album covers to apply the different techniques.

These are my favourite album covers that I created so far using photoshop. Many people take social media likes as a metric to rate things as good or bad. Some of my album covers even reached up to thousands of likes on reddit. But personally I don’t care about likes… it’s all about learning photoshop.

Here I created covers for my spotify playlists

Personal comment on the project "creating album covers"

My goal was to practise Photoshop while I created these album covers and I must say I learned a lot about using textures, composition, color, all in all a ton about graphic design in general. 

The cool thing is I am now able to take this knowledge into a 3D rendering software.

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